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Advanced Ping Post Technology for Flexible Lead Distribution

Are you facing difficulty in managing sales leads manually? No matter whether you are a lead broker, lead aggregator, lead generator, channel partner or manager, you will be able to manage huge number of leads, separate active ones, remove useless ones and start distributing them without waste of time, effort and money. Enterprise Lead Management System supports advanced ping post technology and will help you distribute leads to your ping-post buyers in the most precise and timely manner.

Our advanced ping post lead technology can be easily configured as per your needs. You can use our ping post platform to ping any partial or full detail about any lead contact or update to your potential buyers. Since there may be low quality leads in the pipeline, you should be able to separate the bad ones from good ones before delivering them to your associates. Enterprise Lead ping post option will allow you to pay full attention to the validated leads rather than wasting resources and time on non worthy leads. With our advanced ping post technology, you can know about duplicate contacts and not existing phone numbers. It will allow you to receive and deliver leads using XML, SOAP, POST, HTTP or GET through SMS, email or fax. Our advanced ping post technology includes pre-integrated filters which can add to your experience in lead delivery process.

Advanced Ping-post technology is necessary for your lead management process and can keep your inbound and outbound Ping Post traffic under complete control. If you are looking to automatically track your ping post responses and distribute your lead details to the highest paying bidder, Enterprise Lead management system has the solution.

If you need online lead management software driven by advanced ping post technology, contact us today!

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