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Enterprise Lead Management Software with Automated Email Responder

Do you still receive leads via email?

To stay ahead of your competitors these days you should learn to make maximum use of time. If you still receive your leads via email you are about to lose out on an opportunity to increase productivity. These lead related emails could be made to enter into your Enterprise lead management software in an automated manner.

How will the email flow into the Enterprise Lead CRM system?

The solution is email parsing. Generally, a program runs in the background for checking your emails and if it finds an email relevant, it keeps the mail where it should be in the system.

How can you be sure if Enterprise Lead will recognize the email?

Enterprise Lead uses a standardized format for identification of emails on leads. The format includes an online account user ID, password and other important details which tells the system where all these data should go. If you will confirm the email format and its content you can automatically send email leads to Enterprise Lead.

What is the alternative if I don't find the lead email format suitable?

There is absolutely no problem. Enterprise Lead has expert programmers who will help design a custom email parse format for you. In either way, the data in your mails will enter into the Enterprise Lead management system automatically. You should have this feature in order to face today's challenging environment.

Enterprise Lead has been used by all size companies in different industries. Our email parsing feature can help you automate the flow of lead emails into your centralized database. If you want to know more about it, Contact us today. We will be happy to initiate a conversation on a personal level.

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