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Enterprise Lead Distribution Software

Lead Distribution Software

An effective lead distribution process can not only automate but also simplify the routing of your sales leads to sales representatives. It can greatly reduce the time taken by a sales agent to contact your prospect and the number of bad leads and lost sales.

Enterprise lead trading system promotes multi-step lead distribution so sales leads can be moved from marketing department to thetelesalesto affiliate partners and individual lead buyers with comfort and clarity. Partner managers can quickly view leads and assign them to partner representatives and partners. Similarly, manager in field sales can distribute leads to partner managers and account managers. For each group,it becomes easy to see what leads they have been delivered with.

Distribution of leads can be lot easier with Enterprise Lead. It gives you the flexibility to search for the leads by campaign, territory, zip code, and product and click on the button to assign them immediately.

With Enterprise online lead trading distribution software, sales representatives can set individual rules for lead qualification. When delivered with their desired leads, the sales representatives are able to increase your sales and business production.

Moreover, you can use Enterprise Lead distribution process to track your representative's activity, apply changes or make predictions based on analysis reports. The flexibility and efficiency of this software is responsible for an increased lead retention and better closing rate.

For automate, accurate and timely lead distribution, contact us now!

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