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Enterprise Lead Scoring for Tracking Your Prospect's Real Activity

Lead Scoring

You need a reliable marketing method to get qualified prospects and contact them for sales before your competitor reaches to them or they become inactive. Similarly, most of your prospective leads want nurturing before you can sell to them. It means you should be able to monitor the activity of prospects and realize when a lead can be given with your sales proposal. Enterprise Lead offers powerful and effective lead management system that performs lead scoring and lead verification automatically, enabling you to leverage the sales opportunities very fast.

Enterprise Lead scoring system checks the relevancy of leads and increases your sales performance, by allowing you to score or rate your leads based on their individual activity. Scores make it easy for your sales team to know the importance of a lead in the CRM, as it is not usually rated and can be defined as descriptive text.

The exclusive data you get using Enterprise Lead Scoring technology gives visibility into every lead's value and when it can be used in the sales process. Once you specify the criteria, our lead scoring system creates a lead score which not only helps you measure your lead activity instantly but trigger custom messages for further communications.

And the outcome is you know for sure whether a lead is ready for sale or, if not, when and how to nurture it for sales process. Our Lead Management System is one of the best features available for lead nurturing and lead marketing automation. And Enterprise Lead management system includes this option to categorize and target your leads better.

Enterprise Lead Scoring System includes:

  • • Define your own lead scoring model.
  • • Choose from a list of criteria applicable to your prospects.
  • • Scoring leads and grading their profiles.
  • • Integrate lead scores and lead profiles with CRM for sales strategy.
  • • Analyze and separate high-scoring leads for sales targeting.

To know more about our quality lead scoring service, contact us today.

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