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Enterprise Lead Tracking Service for Marketing Efficiency

Lead Tracking Service

Enterprise Lead Management System offers the best in industry lead tracking services to help your business improve its marketing efficiency, lead management and lead distribution and increase your ROI on your sales.

Our lead tracking solution has proven to be the most reliable software for many enterprise owners to increase customer satisfaction and increase in business. It assures to make a large difference in your company's ability to handle all your lead accounts. Using lead tracking option of our lead management technology, you can get a clear picture of your customer's behavior and plan your resources and efforts accordingly. The lead account will be always available to you so that you can see lead contact history, lead flow rate, progress of email campaigns and other marketing related communication you have done with your potential leads.

Be it your desire to quickly access the complete history of lead visits to your website or passing these details to your sales department for tactical planning, our lead tracking system can support you beyond your expectation. It not only establishes a sales pattern after deep research on your leads activity but also allows you to implement your strategy accordingly. If it finds your lead not ready for sale, it can automatically mark and include it in the section meant for future nurturing. Our lead tracking service makes it possible for you to recognize sell-able leads and send them custom message immediately. Moreover, it comes with automated email responders and custom lead marketing option to help you succeed in lead generation and marketing management in a secured and profitable way.

Enterprise Lead Tracking System :

  • • Track lead flow and view contact history in real-time.
  • • Quick access to lead dashboard for combined view of sales activity.
  • • Track and categorize visitors from known to anonymous.
  • • Monitor lead flow history and activity in order to manage the leads appropriately.
  • • Track email marketing response.
  • • Quickly refer them to sales team for further action in real time.
  • • Customized reporting tools to see if your campaigns are running effectively

If you want to use our lead tracking service and capture your sales leads in real time, contact us today!

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