Enterprise Lead Types

Enterprise Lead is a full service sales lead management software solution which can be used by marketing personnel and business organization to manage a variety of leads. Some of the lead types supported by it are mentioned below. Remember, it is not the complete list; please inform us if your desirable lead type is not included in the list and we will act fast to serve your lead demands.

Automotive Leads :- Capture and manage automotive leads, auto finance leads, and auto insurance leads coming through your website, telemarketing calls, and lead sellers / providers. Distribute these leads based on rules applicable to sales/call center agents. Also score and track auto leads, use automated email responders, and analysis reports.

Insurance Leads :- Receive insurance leads from various sources / sales channels and online lead vendors. Pass these leads to your sales team, record and track immediately, automatically start campaigns with custom marketing messages, measure sales ratio, and lead source efficiency. Insurance leads like, Life, Medical/Health, Auto, Business, and other type of Insurance can be managed effectively.

Debt Leads :- Whether you are buying or generating debt leads, Enterprise Lead can be a useful software tool. Just go on collecting debt leads from web forms, landing pages, and affiliates. Track and deliver leads to multiple buyers (like debt relief centers, debt settlement firms) and call centers through Ping Post, direct post, SMS, and email.

Mortgage Leads :- From tracking refinance or mortgage leads to delivering them to multiple buyers, Enterprise Lead management software can support you in every step with automated tools.

Education Leads :- Whether you are part of an academic community or research institution, Enterprise Lead can help you track more education leads online and manage them efficiently with email, telemarketing and many other advanced features.

Credit Repair Leads :- If you are an attorney, mortgage broker, real estate agent or banker offering credit repair services to consumers, Enterprise Lead can provide you with flexible means to manage your credit repair leads better and faster.

Business Leads :- If you are a business owner, Enterprise Lead can help you track your business leads from a spreadsheet or landing page automate their delivery to your sales agents while removing the bottleneck.

B2B Leads :- Enterprise Lead Trading System Software can help you contact and convert B2B leads using online marketing tools. It has built-in features that allow entrepreneurs to track and manage B2B leads all across the sales cycle and achieve more conversions.

For more information on the lead types supported by our lead management software, contact us today!

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