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Enterprise Lead, one the most versatile lead management systems in the world offers an innovative ping tree solution to increase ROI for lead buyers and sellers. We use dynamic ping tree technology to maintain high standards for auto loan, payday loan and insurance site host and post leads. Our advanced lead delivery system is easy-to-install and can assist buyers to enhance their lead volume and accept rates, while allowing sellers to capitalize on their revenues.

Enterprise Lead Ping Tree system is very effective for online lead generators who serve multiple suppliers and/or multiple buyers. Its core operation is to receive leads online, verify them and assign them to the best paying buyer in accordance with custom filters, schedules, formats, business rules and delivery options. You can configure it online and receive and distribute your leads safely via SOAP, GET, POST, HTTP or XML. Built-in features for tracking, affiliates, campaigns and accepted leads are also included in it to give you information on time.

Enterprise Lead gives you the flexibility to post leads using web forms on your own website or on your affiliateís website or from your or your affiliate marketerís web server.

Whether you are operating for lead buyers or lead sellers the Enterprise Lead ping tree assures to effectively distribute sales leads according to performance and price, continuously checking lead flow to provide the optimal results.

Our smartest technological approach strengthens Enterprise Leadís profile as a product specialist in the auto loan ping tree leads, pay day loan ping tree leads and insurance ping tree leads industry.

To know more about our ping tree lead distribution software, contact us today!

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