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Enterprise Lead – Private Party Lead Delivery System

Enterprise Lead is the most advanced lead management software offering multiple built-in options for lead advertisers, group lead buyers and private party lead buyers. It is an ideal marketing tool for every size business organization and also leads generating agencies that distribute leads to multiple suppliers or buyers at the same time.

Integrated fast with an existing CRM, the Enterprise Lead management software is capable to automate lead tracking, scoring, nurturing and delivery process of affiliates, and private party buyers or individual businesses. It has the latest marketing features to automatically gather and correctly report all lead emails from every possible source, including the private party’s own site and any third party portals where the party’s marketing ad may be getting clicks. Enterprise Lead management system can also help the private lead buyers to blast custom marketing messages to their generated leads and minimize their response time. To facilitate direct interaction between lead generators/sellers and buyers, Enterprise Lead develops custom emails.

If you need automated lead management software to send custom tailored emails to individual prospects or groups present in your database, Enterprise Lead has the solution.

Whether you are a private automotive dealer, insurance agent, refinance consultant or debt advisor, contact us today!

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