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Enterpriselead - Best CRM Solutions with Detailed Reporting of Leads

For making better decision you need quick access to crucial data regarding customers. Enterpriselead CRM software comes with detailed reporting system that helps you find past and present customer data instantly and underline your business prospects for the future. Detailed source level reports combined with interactive representation of sales and marketing data and individual customer profile feature of our dealer lead software will tell you where your business stands.

 • On demand business intelligence (BI) solutions
 • Option of comprehensive reports for marketing, sales and customer relation
 • Quick report generator with import/export facility
 • Reports include graphical presentation of customer data
 • Quick response to changing business pattern and market conditions

Main Features of Our CRM Software:

1. Interactive data for use in real time Individual account monitoring, finding new sales opportunities, building the pipeline and improving the performance of your sales department.

2. Detail source level reporting Custom-built, quick and interactive reports to help you through important business decisions

3. Make customized and effective reports The quick to function report generator makes possible the generation of customer sales reports anytime and anywhere

4. New business trends from historical data Know the changing trend and take right measure before they affect your business prospects

5. Get visibility from review to detail Track the usability of sales prospects, marketing campaigns and customer service management

6. Evaluate business problems fast and easy Interactive presentation of data provides a fast review of work flow, profit/loss estimation, average delivery and many more.


Enterpriselead CRM produces custom-built, click and make, content based, and interactive reports for all business applications right from customer contact, sales and marketing to accounting and delivery. You will get full access to its report generator that can create reports on demand against any information stored in the system. The reports and metrics package includes additional qualifiers to set apart marketing, sales and customer management data and help you make better and faster decisions.

If you want to track how many leads qualified, sold, repeated or rejected with the help of a dealer lead CRM software, contact us today!

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