Features List


Accept and deliver leads via HTTP POST, GET, SOAP, or XML. Integration takes no more than 10 minutes. Receive or send your leads via email, SMS, fax, or in real time delivery to any type of CRM system.

Ping Post/Ping Tree

Own your ping-posting system in a few hours. Use your Ping-Post lead delivery system to "ping" your partner with a partial lead and receive only the filters you desire before posting the full lead. No other Lead Management Software offers a state of the art ping post system like Enterprise Lead.


With our system you can validate your leads by as many field types you have or even 3rd party validation. As well, we can get rid of duplicates, bad contact information, or invalid information. We can also detect all disconnected phone numbers and can scrub against any list including the DNC.

Reporting & Metrics

All lead campaigns come with detail source level reporting. You can build specific lead profiles to get the exact stats on leads accepted, sold, duplicate, or returned.

Import / Export

You can upload and Import/Export your leads at any time with ease to be used and be ready for delivery

Instant Call Back

The ability to have your lead contacted via phone the moment it hits our Lead Platform and turn it into a live transfer.

Call Center System Support / Voice Broadcasting

Have your own integrated call center with live recordings. Auto dialer, record calls, voice broad casting system, and set up with any type of call center base.


Do your invoicing, take credit cards, and take care of all you accounting tracking. Our system can track all your sales and billing. As well as purchases and payments.

Email Responder

Set up an instant branded email responder to your leads.

Round Robin

This Lead Delivery Method allows you to evenly spread out your caps by rotating through delivery partners and dynamically changing the delivery priority with each incoming lead.

Targeted Email Marketing

You can target your email marketing by sending to only certain geographical area, gender, or peoples preferences choice. You pick who you get to send to with our easy to use email tool.

Web Based Lead Management Platform

Our software is web based and can be accessed online any where you can get internet access from your computer.


Manage lead partners, set volume caps, and lead delivery date restrictions. You can also add an email auto responder when your lead hits the lead management platform. In addition you can select our instant call back feature and have your lead converted into a live transfer call.

Easy Navigation Tool Bar

We have an easy access top book mark feature that will allow you to navigate the system with ease. Clear, easy to navigate menus make navigation a breeze.

Set Your Filters

Our Lead Management Software allows you to create and control your own custom filters instantly, giving you the ability to manage and post leads based on your requirements. Set filters that determine whatleads are received (or not receive) based on geographic area, demographics or anything else you desire to set.