Lead Management Software

Enterprise Lead can provide you with a Custom Lead Management platform. By custom, we mean any industry, any set up, and type of lead that you need to maintain. Our Team will design and help you set up all the necessary filters and criteria that you could imagine. For more information about our features that we can customize please see our complete list of features HERE. Enterprise Lead has made customer satisfaction a core component of our lead generation software business. We are dedicated to the success of your business as well as our own and are committed to seeing you become more profitable by improving your productivity levels and increasing your sales. With our custom Warranty Lead platform you can guarantee a better ROI on all your leads. With our unique instant call back feature you can have a live call transfer to your agents’ right when the lead hits our lead platform. We also have a user friendly navigation toolbar, email responders with your unique brand, voice broadcasting, custom CRM and several custom features built in for you.

Once you have sent us your specifications, our technical team can build your buyer’s specs and prepare your ping tree of purchasers and sellers. Within an hour, you will be using our lead generation software. Additionally, our technical team will:
- Use one of our web servers to install and set up your lead distribution system and ping post service or lead delivery method of your choice.
- Provide you with your own URL and admin login.
- Train your staff on using our system.

It has never been easier to get started and start using our lead generation and management software applications. We are not just a distributor of a lead management software. We also assume the role of business partner in order to help you meet the challenges of your agent’s network or lead generation business while helping you solve your everyday problems. The platform of our Custom lead system is highly functional and reliable so your agents and you can always depend on it being the most reliable and cost effective Warranty lead generation software.

By using our Custom Lead Management Software you win because of our "Pay-Per-Sold Lead only" pricing policy. Finally, Enterprise Lead will save you effort, money, and time by managing a hosted business solution for you.