Legal Aid

Lead Management Software

Everyone know the importance of selecting a good attorney. Choosing the wrong Legal Aid Company can end up wasting money and perhaps more importantly it could cost your case. Today, people are researching on line, looking for the best representation at the best price. Today, That is why when it comes to shopping for Legal Aid agencies, shopping online is the premier choice. That is why Legal Aid agencies are now focusing their marketing on generating online Legal Aide Leads. The problem is how to better manage them and make the most out of them. With our custom Legal Aid Lead Platform you can guarantee a better ROI on your Legal Aide Leads. With our unique instant call back feature you can have a live call transfer to your agent’s right when the lead hits our lead platform. We also have a user friendly navigation toolbar, email responders with your unique brand, voice broadcasting, custom CRM and several custom features built in for you.

Getting started with our Legal Aid Lead System has never been easier and within an hour, your company will be using our software to start growing your business by increasing your sales and the profits you realize. Our technical team will:
- Use one of our web servers for installation and setting up your ping post service.
- Provide you with your own URL and your administrative login.
- Train your network of agents so that they can start using our Legal Aide Lead system quickly and easily.

There are a number of reasons for choosing Enterprise Lead for all your Legal Aid Lead Management Software needs, but the primary one is the fact that we take on the role of your business partner with your agent’s network. So as you can see, we are not just your everyday Legal Aid Lead Management Software provider. Finally, our pricing policy is based on our "Pay-Per-Sold Lead only" policy so you are never going to be charged a fee until you have profited from using our system and software applications to generate leads for your company.