Keeping up with business today- Driving more customers to you!, a San Diego based Lead Management Software company, is helping businesses grow and manage their clients more efficiently.

March 28, 2012, San Diego Ca- In today’s harsh economy the big question for many businesses today is how to drive more business in the door, generate new customers, and then keep them. The lead industry is making waves in assisting businesses generate new, high quality customers. With new technology, and armed with updated marketing tools, businesses are getting higher quality leads for pennies on the dollar. The problems with lead marketing; It’s a scary world. The industry is burdened with difficult to use programs and jargon that hardly anyone can understand, let alone the end user. Terms like “Ping-Post and Ping Tree”, which conjure up images of a mysterious tree or metal baseball bats. The truth of it is these are the kinds of things you want in your Lead management company- these are the things that will give you an advantage. Enterprise Lead, a business based out of San Diego, California, is heading the movement of reliable and user friendly software with the debut of Enterprise Lead 2.0

So now you’re asking, what is a ping-post? It allows you to select a lead based on your set of requirements. It is a two-step process that allows you to reject or accept a lead based on things like zip codes, credit, or other specific demographics. It saves you time, and money, and is the extra advantage that gets you the right customers to get your products sold.

Enterprise Lead has a user friendly interface, and new tools to assist you in not only getting new high quality customers in the door, but keeping your relations up to date with great features in an all-inclusive CRM system. Some of the Key features in their new Lead Trading platform includes being instantly connected with potential leads- something invaluable when you are trying to starve off a cold customer! They also have included some surprising little extras to what you might assume were standard features, like being able to completely customize your potential leads and clients- down to their credit rating, age, even their zip code, and then sending them personalized emails to boot! If that's not target marketing, I don’t know what is!

Bottom line, its pays to hook up with a good, reliable lead Management Company. If you go with Enterprise Lead, you won’t even have a startup or monthly cost involved! What you will have though, is a marked increase in sales, make more money, and become better organized while doing it.